Allison Stokke USA Female Pole Vault Player 2012

Name: Allison Stoke
Place of Birth : Newport Beach, California
Date of Birth : 22 March 1989
Country : USA
College : Cal State Bears (Sociology Major)
High School : Newport Harbor HS
Height : 1.70 m
Sports : Pole Vault
Father: Allan Stokke
Mother: Cindy Stokke

Allison Stokke is a cute American athlete, specializing in the pole vault, who gained unwanted internet fame in May 2007.  A sports blog posted a picture of her, 17 at the time, posing at track meet and interest in her exploded.  Unfortunately, much of the commentary focused on her looks rather than her skill, and she has been trying to avoid the spotlight ever since.  She has no relation to Al Stoke and her last name is sometimes misspelled as Stoke or Stokkes.
Born on March 22nd, 1989 in Newport Beach, Allison spent her youth in the sun and studied gymnastics.  In 2003, at a high school track meet, she tried the pole vault and proved her potential.  She developed by leaps and bounds, pun intended, improving the school record only two months after starting.  The following year she broke the American youth record of 3.86m and won, at the age of 15, at the championships in California.  A broken right tibia prevented her 2005 season, but in 2007 at Huntington Beach she pushed herself to 4.14m.
She now attends the University of California, since 2007, and continues to improve at her chosen sport of pole vaulting at college.  and achieved a personal best of 4.21m outdoors in Sacremento on September 5th, 2009.  Meanwhile her father, a criminal defense attorney, keeps busy trying to stem the tide of inappropriate web attention.  Thus her English Wikipedia profile no longer exists, but you can find it in other languages.
 Allison Stokke
 Allison Stokke
 Allison Stokke
 Allison Stokke
 Allison Stokke
 Allison Stokke
Allison Stokke
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